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(Technical issues)
(Technical issues)
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#add field for links to where data and code are available online if not on journal page
#add field for links to where data and code are available online if not on journal page
#add optional field(s) for Software version(s), Operating system
#add optional field(s) for Software version(s), Operating system
#add fields for replies
#add fields for replies - own pages with corresponding form?
#allow values for "some data available" as well as for "Codes for final model available, but no estimation codes", and "Codes only available for some models", with the option to select both
#allow values for "some data available" as well as for "Codes for final model available, but no estimation codes", and "Codes only available for some models", with the option to select both
#add fields for comments, links to replication material other than in journal archive, <strike>links to [[Property:DOI|DOI]]s, [[Property:IDEAS/RePEc|IDEAS]] and [[Property:EconPapers/RePEc|EconPapers]]</strike> in forms
#add fields for comments, links to replication material other than in journal archive, <strike>links to [[Property:DOI|DOI]]s, [[Property:IDEAS/RePEc|IDEAS]] and [[Property:EconPapers/RePEc|EconPapers]]</strike> in forms

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This page needs attention because it contains open tasks.

Please archive Finished tasks at the separate page. If only parts are finished please strike them out with <strike>finished part</strike>.


Open tasks

Technical issues

  1. find a way for the search form to include article and replication title, categories (most importantly Replication, Replicated study, and Study lacking replication, maybe also book and Papers and Proceedings) as well as properties that can only take certain values (code, data, readme, replication type, replication result, replication raw data, replication call into question, replication authors statement)
  2. use multiple instance templates for forms in order to allow easier editing of replications of more than one study, studies with more than one replication and studies that are both replications and were replicated. In order to allow semantic search of such templates subobjects can be added. So far multiple rows for replications cannot be handled (this also currently excludes replications of more than one study from the list of latest replications on the main page).
  3. store lists of suggested values for journals, methods, data types, data sources, software, and geographical origins of data for forms (Form:New Replication, Form:New Replicated study, Form:New Study lacking replication) at one central page so that not three forms need to be changed every time a new value is introduced, automatically harmonize list of allowed values with lists in categories like Category:Journal, Category:Article data source, and list of acronyms of journals
  4. find a way to ensure information in replication pages matches that of pages for respective replicated studies (use joint form for both)
  5. find an easier way to change a study lacking replication into a replicated study (option in forms)
  6. create a form for books
  7. add books and other media to author pages
  8. fix bug that article keywords are no longer displayed as links on the study pages and when searching for JEL codes the search form sometimes also shows hits in their descriptions
  9. make data types klickable on study pages
  10. use the advice form the help mediawiki extension talk to improve the structure of fields with more than one value like Category:Article authors, find a solution to the problem that templates like for Category:Article data type only find capitalized strings for properties in arrays, make them clickable like in this wiki and fill their categories automatically (Can [[Creates pages with form::Article authors]] be used in order to automatically start all the articles that should be in that category? If so, where?) (in the meantime capitalize and harmonize methods and data types using this link to detect problems)
  11. automatically create categories for new journals, their years and issues if a page for a study is created that was published in a journal issue that does not yet have a category
  12. automatically add all pages for studies with field year = "forthcoming" to Category:forthcoming studies
  13. find a way to display number of pages that have that code in the JEL code category tree
  14. change main page design such that slideshow always covers left half of the screen, independent of screen size and browser (using Internet Explorer the slideshow used to be shown in the center instead of the left of the screen, covering other information); find an alternative to slideshow to allow for forward/backward scrolling (decided not to use widget slideshow because it doesn't look nice and bad code could be sneaked in with it) (asked for help at mediawiki extension talk page)
  15. make pages mobile-friendly: text too small to read, links too close together, mobile viewport not set (information on viewport configuration here). Could also install the MediaWiki Extension MobileFrontend.
  16. warn users if they attempt to create a new article with a form although an article of the same name already exists (currently it would just be overwritten, can be restored using history)
  17. fix bug that keywords with a special character are not found by the keyword template like for Bayes' theorem or by the data source template like for French Centre d'Etudes Prospectives et d'Informations Internationales (CEPII)
  18. fix bug that redirects need to be to set to make the links from IDEAS/RePEc work if the titles include a question or normal quotation mark (cf. Is Reputation Good or Bad)
  19. fix bug that when a line like a template for page needing attention is added to an article that is then moved to the bottom of the wiki code once the page is edited with a form and the message is thus also displayed at the bottom of the page
  20. use the Semantic Drilldown and Page Schemas extensions to improve searchability of the wiki
  21. for Category:Article authors, automatically include all authors, list and unite different versions of the same name on one page, add IDEAS/RePEc links and start a link exchange, find a way to split author names into given and family names and allow to search by family names
  22. add field for links to where data and code are available online if not on journal page
  23. add optional field(s) for Software version(s), Operating system
  24. add fields for replies - own pages with corresponding form?
  25. allow values for "some data available" as well as for "Codes for final model available, but no estimation codes", and "Codes only available for some models", with the option to select both
  26. add fields for comments, links to replication material other than in journal archive, links to DOIs, IDEAS and EconPapers in forms
  27. change field Property:Article origin of data used to Property:Article geographic origin of data used because users frequently misinterpret it although it is specified in the forms
  28. make code of articles created with forms understandable and thus editable to normal users when using the normal way to edit an article, and also with the option to allow editing these pages with forms (then old articles produced without forms at some point should be transferred to the new code as well.
  29. highlight field where to enter the name when registering
  30. Clean-up: search with Special Pages for pages that have problems like unused files/templates/categories, wanted pages (red links)..., delete logs of deleted pages (possibly the AutoWikiBrowser can help), delete unidentifiable or misspelled user names (JH, Bjn,INET, PW, S. Shaheen, Test, Test2, Guest, S.hanafy) and all histories, then delete "delete history extension" from special pages, assign all first versions of the pages in the main namespace to the neutral user name ReplicationBot (would require to first merge all current users with edits in the main namespace to ReplicationBot, decised this was not important enough to invest the time) and describe who can use this bot and WikiSysop
  31. once first votes for relevance of replications have been cast delete test votes and the note that they are just for demonstration
  32. fix bug that makes, e.g., "Davida A. Green" and "Lowell . Taylor" appear in several lists created with templates (cf. Special:WhatLinksHere/Lowell_._Taylor, Special:WhatLinksHere/Davida_A._Green) and thus in the list of wanted pages although no studies list such wrong author names

Content issues

  1. improve transparency of standards for how to set values for “replication result”, “raw data” and “call into question”. As traffic lights can be misunderstood as a judgement on quality of a study or its replication use more appropriate symbols: warning triangles
  2. add further replication studies published in Journal of Development Studies in 2013
  3. at Help:Search explain in more detail and in a user friendly way how to use the properties when searching for articles (J.Fahrenholz wants to ask someone at gwdg if the way suggested here to allow deeper searches is technically possible for us
  4. General Disclaimer: legal validity statement missing in German; netiquette and copyright information missing in English, ReplicationWiki:Copyrights, ReplicationWiki:Terms_of_Service red links. - Jan H.
  5. better use the sub-categories of Category:Pages needing attention and the new Category:Corrigendum.
  6. update the FAQ and the help pages for new articles and new replications about how to enter new articles/replication etc. (information about the web form)
  7. explain in ReplicationWiki:Help/Traffic lights how traffic lights are included in the pages (updated automatically by bot every night? How does it work if there is more than one value for replication result/raw data? Please ask Jan Fahrenholz.)
  8. enter new articles from this page to the Wiki
  9. guidelines for replications / to make studies replicable
  10. rewrite What is a replication
  11. announce ReplicationWiki to the communities of users of further software (Excel, Fortran, Mathematica, MATLAB, ORSEE, R, SPSS, Z-Tree, ArcGIS, ArcMap, LIMDEP, Microfit)
  12. nominate the ReplicationWiki for semantic wiki of the month

Ideas for the future

  • add the Semantic Result Formats extension to allow downloading data from the wiki in BibTeX format
  • add an explanatory note to the forms that is shown in the code if users try to edit pages that use forms with the edit button rather than with "edit with form" button
  • use HTML meta-tags in order to improve search engine rankings [1] (would this extension help? MWJames of the Semantic MediaWiki community recommends Semantic Meta Tags)
  • provide option to choose among preselected items when creating new articles, e.g., for JEL codes, methods, software packages and data types (use check boxes to allow for selection of multiple values)
  • VisualEditor to allow easier editing
  • find a way to automatically detect broken external links
  • add information about journal policies for other sciences
  • in case new contributors want to work on this, add categories for theoretical/experimental studies (create empirical for the existent ones), other fields of science (economics for existing ones)
  • start a glossary
  • Category:Papers and Proceedings: on all pages of articles in relevant journal issues automatically indicate this
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