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This wiki has the user groups explained in ascending order below. For details about how to become a member of these groups, cf. account.


all users

Every user has at least read-only access to all content and help pages.

registered users or student

Confirmed users with a real name account additionally have the right to create and contribute to discussion pages. Furthermore they can send messages to other users and leave notes on talk pages.

academic users or edu

Over and above the rights highlighted for student, confirmed users with work related affiliation to academic institutions can create and edit content pages and categories and also participate in votings like on the relevance of a study to be replicated.


Administrators are able to edit all pages, including help and special pages. Moreover, they can (un-)block pages and users, assign editing rights, edit blocked pages, restore deleted pages and delete revisions.


Bureaucrats have the additional rights to assign rights for bots and administrators and change user names. They are able to edit all pages, including help and special pages. Moreover, it is their task to approve new accounts and to take actions in case of violations of our nettiquette.


Automated tool that carries out repetitive and mundane tasks to maintain the wiki


Main administrator of the wiki

emailconfirmed users

users who have replied to the email confirmation message after registration

autoconfirmed users

a group that is set as standard by mediawiki but that so far is of no special relevance for the ReplicationWiki

Widget editors

users who use the widgets extension of mediawiki that allows the creation of raw HTML pages that can be embedded (similarly to templates) in normal wiki pages. Not used so far.

How to get more rights

  • Users of academic accounts with many contributions can gain admin rights upon individual request on the discussion page of this article. Feel free to ask questions to the current team of administrators and bureaucrates. For the future it is planned to install more transparent ways of decision making such as admin votings.
  • Students who show proper knowledge of the subject-matter by making contributions in the comments, will gain usual editing rights upon individual request.
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