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"Efficiency Effects of Taxes on Income from Capital" in "In Effects of Corporation Income Tax", edited by M. Krzyzaniak (Wayne State Univ. Press 1966) +
"Momma's Got the Pill": How Anthony Comstock and Griswold v. Connecticut Shaped US Childbearing (AER 2010) +
"No Hatred or Malice, Fear or Affection": Media and Sentencing (JPE 2018) +


$1,000 Cash Back: The Pass-Through of Auto Manufacturer Promotions (AER 2006) +


(Im)Possible Frontiers: A Comment (Critical Finance Review 2015) +
(Mixed) Strategy in Oligopoly Pricing: Evidence from Gasoline Price Cycles Before and Under a Timing Regulation (JPE 2009) +
(Over)insuring Modest Risks (AEJ:AE 2010) +


A (negative) replication of ‘The relationship between energy consumption, energy prices, and economic growth: Time series evidence from Asian developing countries’ (Energy Economics, 2000) (Energy Economics forthcoming) +
A 4-study replication of the moderating effects of greed on socioeconomic status and unethical behaviour (Scientific Data 2017) +
A Balls-and-Bins Model of Trade (AER 2014) +
A Balls-and-Bins Model of Trade: Comment (AER 2016) +
A Biological Model of Unions (AEJ:AE 2009) +
A Black Swan in the Money Market (AEJ:MA 2009) +
A Cautionary Tale about the Use of Administrative Data: Evidence from Age of Marriage Laws (AEJ:AE 2009) +
A Century of Inflation Forecasts (REStat 2012) +
A Century of Missing Trade? (AER 2002) +
A Century of Work and Leisure (AEJ:MA 2009) +
A Comment on "Inherited Trust and Growth" (EB 2012) +
A Comment on Ali Taşıran's ‘Wage and income effects on the timing and spacing of births in Sweden and in the United States’ (JPopE 2002) +
A Comment on the Economics of Labor Adjustment: Mind the Gap: Evidence from a Monte Carlo Experiment: Reply (AER 2009) +
A Continous Dilemma (AER 2012) +
A Contribution to the Empirics of Economic Growth (QJE 1992) +
A Direct Test of the Theory of Comparative Advantage: The Case of Japan (JPE 2004) +
A Dynamic Econometric Model of Agricultural Wage Determination in Bangladesh (Oxford Bulletin of Economics & Statistics 1991) +
A Female Style in Corporate Leadership? Evidence from Quotas (AEJ:AE 2013) +
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