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(A [ MOOC on Reproducible Research] is offered by the [ French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA)] in French and English fro)
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<div style="font-size:162%; border:none; margin:0; padding:.1em; color:#000;">Welcome to <br />[[Replication in Economics]]!
<div style="font-size:162%; border:none; margin:0; padding:.1em; color:#000;">Welcome to <br />[[Replication in the social sciences, particularly economics]]!
<div id="articlecount" style="font-size:85%;">[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]] articles</div>
<div id="articlecount" style="font-size:85%;">[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]] articles</div>

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12,051 articles

About the project

For scientific progress, it is pivotal to review research findings by independently replicating results, thus making the findings more reliable. However, in econometric research, it is not yet common practice to publish replication findings. This wiki serves as a database of empirical studies, the availability of replication material for them and of replication studies. It can help teaching replication to students. Seminars at several faculties internationally were already taught for which the information of this database was used.

So far the focus has been on some leading journals in economics. Replication results can be published as replication working papers of the University of Göttingen's Center for Statistics.
Teaching and providing access to information will raise awareness for the need for replications, provide a basis for research about the reasons why replications so often fail and how this can be changed, and educate future generations of economists about how to make research replicable. The starting phase of this project was funded by the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET).

Please cite as:
If you mention the ReplicationWiki in your research, especially when you use data from it, do not forget to cite the study describing it: ReplicationWiki - Improving Transparency in the Social Sciences, by Jan H. Höffler, D-Lib Magazine, March/April 2017, Volume 23, Number 3/4, doi: 10.1045/march2017-hoeffler.

Join the project

You can join the project by entering a new replication or empirical studies that could be replicated. For the latter you can vote which ones you find most relevant to be replicated. Furthermore, you can improve the articles in the wiki and make comments. Under current events you can announce news and upcoming events. The community portal lists open tasks and suggestions for the wiki.

Most recently added replication studies


A MOOC on Reproducible Research is offered by the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA) in French and English from October 22 to December 19, 2018.

A session Openness and Integrity in Methods Teaching and Research , including a talk that suggests to use the ReplicationWiki, was held at the American Political Sciences Assocation Annual Meeting , August 30 – September 2, 2018, in Boston, USA.

3ie and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) are hosting an event on replication and research transparency on Programmes on financial services for the poor: what does the evidence say? on April 23, 2018 in Rome, Italy.

The journal Review of Development Finance posted a call for Reproducibility Studies in Development Finance. They plan to publish them regularly as well as in special issues.

AIRLEAP Conference “An Urgency for Evidence and Transparency in Economic Analysis and Policy”, St Louis, USA, October 13th-14th had a session on replication in empirical economics

The journal Energy Economics posted a call for contributions to a Special Issue on Replication in Energy Economics (in which it mentions the ReplicationWiki). Submission deadline was July 2017.

Replication Session at the American Economic Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA, January 6-8, 2017

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