The fungibility of health aid reconsidered (JDS 2013)

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This page needs attention because the reply is in fact a replication of the replication.



Authors Title Journal Year Edition Pages JEL Codes Keywords
Nicolas Van de Sijpe The fungibility of health aid reconsidered JDS 2013 12 1746-54 - -

Article information

Program code Data Readme Method(s) & estimation Data type Data used Origin of data used Software used (Version)
- - - - - Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), IMF Staff reports, Government finance statistics spending outlays, World Bank, Public expenditure reviews, from, International Monetary Fund (IMF), National Health Accounts, from, Word Health Organisation (WHO), 1995-2006 Developing countries -

This article is a replication of

Authors Title Journal Year Edition Pages JEL Codes Keywords Replication type Replication result [refer to replication type 1 and 2] Raw data Call into question Authors statement
Chunling Lu, Matthew T Schneider, Paul Gubbins, Katherine Leach-Kemon, Dean Jamison, Christopher JL Murray Public financing of health in developing countries: a cross-national systematic analysis Lancet 2010 9723 1375–87 - - 3 - reproduction (new methods) 2 - different results - 1 - yes 1 - rejected results


DOI: 10.1080/00220388.2013.819424 IDEAS: a/taf/jdevst/v49y2013i12p1746-1754.html EconPapers: RePEc:taf:jdevst:v:49:y:2013:i:12:p:1746-1754

Reply: The Fungibility of Health Aid: Reconsidering the Reconsidered, Joseph L. Dieleman, Casey M. Graves & Michael Hanlon, Journal of Development Studies 2013 (12), 1755-62. DOI: 10.1080/00220388.2013.844921 IDEAS/RePEc: a/taf/jdevst/v49y2013i12p1755-1762.html EconPapers: RePEc:taf:jdevst:v:49:y:2013:i:12:p:1755-1762

Reply to reply: The Fungibility of Health Aid Reconsidered: A Rejoinder, Nicolas Van de Sijpe, Journal of Development Studies 2013 (12), 1763-1764. DOI: 10.1080/00220388.2013.844924 IDEAS/RePEc: a/taf/jdevst/v49y2013i12p1763-1764.html EconPapers: RePEc:taf:jdevst:v:49:y:2013:i:12:p:1763-1764

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