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Are Women More Credit Constrained? Experimental Evidence on Gender and Microenterprise Returns (American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2009) + , Banking the Unbanked? Evidence from Three Countries (American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2018) + , Barriers to Household Risk Management: Evidence from India (American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2013) + , Borrowing on the Wrong Credit Card? Evidence from Mexico (AER 2017) + , Capital Market Integration and Wages (AEJ:MA 2012) + , Credit Market Consequences of Improved Personal Identification: Field Experimental Evidence from Malawi (AER 2012) + , Demographic Patterns and Household Saving in China (AEJ:MA 2015) + , Do the Rich Get Richer in the Stock Market? Evidence from India (AER: Insights 2019) + , Does the Classic Microfinance Model Discourage Entrepreneurship among the Poor? Experimental Evidence from India (AER 2013) + , Emergence of Asia: Reforms, Corporate Savings, and Global Imbalances (IMF Economic Review 2016) + , Estimating microcredit impact with low take-up, contamination and inconsistent data. A replication study of Crépon, Devoto, Duflo, and Pariente (American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2015) (Int J Re-Views in Emp Econ 2019) + , Estimating the Impact of Microcredit on Those Who Take It Up: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Morocco (American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2015) + , Financial intermediation and growth: Causality and causes (JME 2000) + , Global Financial Crisis and Africa: Is the Impact Permanent or Transitory? Time Series Evidence from North Africa (AER 2011) + , Growing Like China (AER 2011) + , History Matters: The Long-Term Impact of Colonial Public Investments in French West Africa (American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2009) + , How Sovereign Is Sovereign Credit Risk? (AEJ:MA 2011) + , Keeping It Simple: Financial Literacy and Rules of Thumb (American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2014) + , Leader Selection and Service Delivery in Community Groups: Experimental Evidence from Uganda (American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2019) + , Legal Reform and Loan Repayment: The Microeconomic Impact of Debt Recovery Tribunals in India (American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2009) + Articlejel


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