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A Century of Work and Leisure (AEJ:MA 2009) + , A Female Style in Corporate Leadership? Evidence from Quotas (AEJ:AE 2013) + , Ability, Gender, and Performance Standards: Evidence from Academic Probation (AEJ:AE 2010) + , Are Female Leaders Good for Education? Evidence from India (AEJ:AE 2012) + , Are There Missing Girls in the United States? Evidence from Birth Data (AEJ:AE 2009) + , Are Women More Credit Constrained? Experimental Evidence on Gender and Microenterprise Returns (AEJ:AE 2009) + , Biological Gender Differences, Absenteeism, and the Earnings Gap (AEJ:AE 2009) + , Bringing Education to Afghan Girls: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Village-Based Schools (AEJ:AE 2013) + , Can Hepatitis B Mothers Account for the Number of Missing Women? Evidence from Three Million Newborns in Taiwan (AER 2008) + , Changes in the Consumption, Income, and Well-Being of Single Mother Headed Families (AER 2008) + , Citizenship, Fertility, and Parental Investments (AEJ:AE 2014) + , Cultural Change as Learning: The Evolution of Female Labor Force Participation over a Century (AER 2013) + , Do Risk Preferences Change? Evidence from the Great East Japan Earthquake (AEJ:AE 2018) + , Do Traditional Institutions Constrain Female Entrepreneurship? A Field Experiment on Business Training in India (AER 2010) + , Do Women Give Up Competing More Easily? Evidence from the Lab and the Dutch Math Olympiad (AEJ:AE forthcoming) + , Does Affirmative Action Work? Caste, Gender, College Quality, and Academic Success in India (AER 2016) + , Does Grief Transfer across Generations? Bereavements during Pregnancy and Child Outcomes (AEJ:AE 2016) + , Does the Election of a Female Leader Clear the Way for More Women in Politics? (AEJ:EP 2018) + , Dynamics of the Gender Gap for Young Professionals in the Financial and Corporate Sectors (AEJ:AE 2010) + , Education, HIV, and Early Fertility: Experimental Evidence from Kenya (AER 2015) + Articlejel


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