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"Momma's Got the Pill": How Anthony Comstock and Griswold v. Connecticut Shaped US Childbearing (AER 2010) + , A Comment on Ali Taşıran's ‘Wage and income effects on the timing and spacing of births in Sweden and in the United States’ (JPopE 2002) + , A's from Zzzz's? The Causal Effect of School Start Time on the Academic Achievement of Adolescents (AEJ:EP 2011) + , After Midnight: A Regression Discontinuity Design in Length of Postpartum Hospital Stays (AEJ:EP 2011) + , Aftershocks: The Impact of Clinic Violence on Abortion Services (AEJ:AE 2011) + , Age at Arrival, English Proficiency, and Social Assimilation among US Immigrants (AEJ:AE 2010) + , Are High-Quality Schools Enough to Increase Achievement among the Poor? Evidence from the Harlem Children's Zone (AEJ:AE 2011) + , Assessing the Impact of School Subsidy Program in Mexico: Using a Social Experiment to Validate a Dynamic Behavioral Model of Child Schooling and Fertility (AER 2006) + , Cash Transfers, Behavioral Changes, and Cognitive Development in Early Childhood: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment (AEJ:AE 2012) + , Child Benefit Support and Method of Payment: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Belgium (AEJ:EP 2010) + , Child Labor and the Labor Supply of Other Household Members: Evidence from 1920 America (AER 2006) + , Child Protection and Child Outcomes: Measuring the Effects of Foster Care (AER 2007) + , Children and Their Parents' Labor Supply: Evidence from Exogenous Variation in Family Size (AER 1998) + , Children's Resources in Collective Households: Identification, Estimation, and an Application to Child Poverty in Malawi (AER 2013) + , Citizenship, Fertility, and Parental Investments (AEJ:AE 2014) + , Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Costs of Daycare 0-2 for Children in Advantaged Families (JPE forthcoming) + , Competition and the Strategic Choices of Churches (AEJ:MI 2012) + , Did Improvements in Household Technology Cause the Baby Boom? Evidence from Electrification, Appliance Diffusion, and the Amish (AEJ:MA 2011) + , Disclosure by Politicians (AEJ:AE 2010) + , Discrimination in Grading (AEJ:EP 2012) + Articlejel


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