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"No Hatred or Malice, Fear or Affection": Media and Sentencing (JPE 2018) + , A Theory of Demand Shocks (AER 2009) + , An Empirical Investigation of the Option Value of College Enrollment (American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2012) + , An empirical study of observational learning (RAND 2016) + , Are Risk Preferences Stable across Contexts? Evidence from Insurance Data (AER 2011) + , Backward Induction in the Wild? Evidence from Sequential Voting in the US Senate (AER 2018) + , Calorie Posting in Chain Restaurants (American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 2011) + , Can Mobile Phones Improve Learning? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Niger (American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2012) + , Can Social Information Affect What Job You Choose and Keep? (American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2017) + , Child Benefit Support and Method of Payment: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Belgium (American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 2010) + , Climbing atop the Shoulders of Giants: The Impact of Institutions on Cumulative Research (AER 2011) + , Competition as a Discovery Procedure: Schumpeter Meets Hayek in a Model of Innovation (AEJ:MA 2014) + , Consumer Search Costs and Preferences on the Internet (REStud 2019) + , Contracts for Agents with Biased Beliefs: Some Theory and an Experiment (AEJ:MI 2013) + , Coordination in the Presence of Asset Markets (AER 2011) + , Cultural Change as Learning: The Evolution of Female Labor Force Participation over a Century (AER 2013) + , Decentralized Organizational Learning: An Experimental Investigation (AER 2009) + , Detecting Learning by Exporting (AEJ:MI 2013) + , Diabetes and Diet: Purchasing Behavior Change in Response to Health Information (American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2018) + , Do Teenagers Respond to HIV Risk Information? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Kenya (American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2011) + Articlejel


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