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$1,000 Cash Back: The Pass-Through of Auto Manufacturer Promotions (AER 2006) + , A Procurement Auction for Toxic Assets with Asymmetric Information (AEJ:MI 2013) + , Accounting for Crises (AEJ:MA 2014) + , Adverse Selection and Inertia in Health Insurance Markets: When Nudging Hurts (AER 2013) + , Adverse Selection in Insurance Markets: Policyholder Evidence from the U.K. Annuity Market (JPE 2004) + , After Midnight: A Regression Discontinuity Design in Length of Postpartum Hospital Stays (AEJ:EP 2011) + , Asymmetric Information between Employers (American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2013) + , Asymmetric Information, Adverse Selection and Online Disclosure: The Case of eBay Motors (AER 2011) + , Auctions with Resale Markets: An Application to U.S. Forest Service Timber Sales (AER 2001) + , Backward Induction in the Wild? Evidence from Sequential Voting in the US Senate (AER 2018) + , Beyond Signaling and Human Capital: Education and the Revelation of Ability (American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2010) + , Bid Takers or Market Makers? The Effect of Auctioneers on Auction Outcome (AEJ:MI 2016) + , Can Warranties Substitute for Reputations? (AEJ:MI 2011) + , Choosing the Wrong Calling Plan? Ignorance and Learning (AER 2003) + , Clunkers or Junkers? Adverse Selection in a Vehicle Retirement Program (AEJ:EP 2012) + , Constrained School Choice: An Experimental Study (AER 2010) + , Contracts for Agents with Biased Beliefs: Some Theory and an Experiment (AEJ:MI 2013) + , Corruption Dynamics: The Golden Goose Effect (AEJ:EP 2013) + , Credit Market Consequences of Improved Personal Identification: Field Experimental Evidence from Malawi (AER 2012) + , Do Social Connections Reduce Moral Hazard? Evidence from the New York City Taxi Industry (American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 2011) + Articlejel


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