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Category:Study lacking replication
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"Momma's Got the Pill": How Anthony Comstock and Griswold v. Connecticut Shaped US Childbearing (AER 2010) + , $1,000 Cash Back: The Pass-Through of Auto Manufacturer Promotions (AER 2006) + , (Mixed) Strategy in Oligopoly Pricing: Evidence from Gasoline Price Cycles Before and Under a Timing Regulation (JPE 2009) + , (Over)insuring Modest Risks (AEJ:AE 2010) + , A Biological Model of Unions (AEJ:AE 2009) + , A Black Swan in the Money Market (AEJ:MA 2009) + , A Cautionary Tale about the Use of Administrative Data: Evidence from Age of Marriage Laws (AEJ:AE 2009) + , A Century of Inflation Forecasts (REStat 2012) + , A Century of Missing Trade? (AER 2002) + , A Century of Work and Leisure (AEJ:MA 2009) + , A Comment on the Economics of Labor Adjustment: Mind the Gap: Evidence from a Monte Carlo Experiment: Reply (AER 2009) + , A Continous Dilemma (AER 2012) + , A Direct Test of the Theory of Comparative Advantage: The Case of Japan (JPE 2004) + , A Female Style in Corporate Leadership? Evidence from Quotas (AEJ:AE 2013) + , A Field Study on Matching with Network Externalities (AER 2012) + , A Greater Price for a Greater Good? Evidence That Consumers Pay More for Charity-Linked Products (AEJ:EP 2010) + , A Group Rule-Utilitarian Approach to Voter Turnout: Theory and Evidence (AER 2004) + , A Long Run Structural Macroeconometric Model of the UK (EJ 2003) + , A Model of Housing in the Presence of Adjustment Costs: A Structural Interpretation of Habit Persistence (AER 2008) + , A Model of the Federal Funds Rate Target (JPE 2002) + Categories


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