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A One Covariate at a Time, Multiple Testing Approach to Variable Selection in High-Dimensional Linear Regression Models (ECTA 2018) + , A Reexamination of Corporate Governance and Equity Prices (RFS 2009) + , Auctions with Resale Markets: An Application to U.S. Forest Service Timber Sales (AER 2001) + , Blunt Instruments: Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Identifying the Causes of Economic Growth (AEJ:MA 2013) + , Can Exchange Rates Forecast Commodity Prices? (QJE 2010) + , Choice Inconsistencies among the Elderly: Evidence from Plan Choice in the Medicare Part D Program: Comment (AER 2016) + , ESTIMATION OF TREATMENT EFFECTS WITHOUT AN EXCLUSION RESTRICTION: WITH AN APPLICATION TO THE ANALYSIS OF THE SCHOOL BREAKFAST PROGRAM (JAE 2013) + , Econometric Errors in an Applied Economics Article (EJW 2010) + , Econometric Regime Shifts and the US Subprime Bubble (JAE 2015) + , Econometric applications of high-breakdown robust regression techniques (EL 2001) + , Energy and economic growth in the USA two decades later: Replication and reanalysis (Energy Economics forthcoming) + , Forecast comparisons in unstable environments (JAE 2010) + , How important are fixed effects and time trends in estimating returns to schooling? Evidence from a replication of Jacobson, Lalonde, and Sullivan, 2005 (JAE 2018) + , Learning-by-Doing as a Propagation Mechanism (AER 2002) + , Measuring Advertising Intensity and Intangible Capital in the Greek Food Industry (AE 2005) + , No one true path: uncovering the interplay between geography, institutions, and fractionalization in economic development (JAE 2010) + , Path forecast evaluation (JAE 2010) + , Race, Ethnicity, and Baseball Card Prices: A Replication, Correction, and Extension of Hewitt, Muñoz, Oliver, and Regoli (EJW 2012) + , Replicating rockets and feathers (Energy Economics forthcoming) + , Replication and robustness analysis of ‘energy and economic growth in the USA: A multivariate approach’ (Energy Economics forthcoming) + Articlejel


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