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"3rd of tha Month": Do Social Security Recipients Smooth ... to Aggregation and the PPP Puzzle in a Sticky-Price Model (AER 2011)
Aggregation is not the solution: the PPP puzzle strikes back (JAE 2... to Anna Gold
Anna L. Paulson to Bai-Perron
Bailouts and the Preservation of Competition: The Case of the Feder... to C24
C25 to China
China Statistical Yearbook to Consumption elasticity
Consumption insurance to Daniel Kemptner
Daniel Kreisman to Difference-in-differences
Difference-in-differences estimator to Douglas Gollin
Douglas Holtz-Eakin to Emily Conover
Emily Glassberg Sands to Executive Turnover and Firm Performance in China (AER 2006)
Exhaustible resources to Fixing Market Failures or Fixing Elections
Fixing Market Failures or Fixing Elections? Agricultural Credit in ... to Geraldine Henningsen
Gerard Caprio to Hans Van Ophem
Hans van Ophem to Hulusi Inanoglu
Human Capital Investment and the Gender Division of Labor in a Braw... to Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation: Evidence from the Huma...
Intellectual property to James A. Schmitz Jr.
James Alm to John J. Donohue III
John J. Siegfried to Kathryn Haglin
Kathryn L. Shaw to Laurence J. Kotlikoff
Laurens Cherchye to Magazine prices revisited (JAE 2006)
Maggie X. Chen to Matteo Iacoviello
Matteo Pelagatti to Minimum Wage Legislation in the United States: Comment (EI 1977)
Minimum Wage Legislation in the United States (EI 1974) to Natural gas
Natural gas regulation to On the Welfare Cost of Inflation and the Recent Behavior of Money D...
On the Workings of a Cartel: Evidence from the Norwegian Cement Ind... to Permanent and transitory wages of British men, 1975–2001: year, a...
Permanent vs transitory components and economic fundamentals (JAE 2... to Propensity score matching
Property Rights and Finance (AER 2002) to Real-time
Real-time data to Robert H. Bates
Robert H. Frank to Selection correction and sensitivity analysis for ordered treatment...
Selection on Moral Hazard in Health Insurance (AER 2013) to Stanislav Radchenko
Stanley Fischer to T. William Lester
TFP to The Evolution of Cooperation in Infinitely Repeated Games: Experime...
The Evolution of High Incomes in Northern America: Lessons from Can... to The policy preferences of the US Federal Reserve (JAE 2006)
The political economy of financial reform: How robust are huang's f... to UNCTAD - Trade Analysis Information System (TRAINS)
Wage uncertainty to Xu Ling
Xu Tan to “Overeducation” in the labor market (JLE 1991)
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