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"3rd of tha Month": Do Social Security Recipients Smooth ... to Alan Sorensen
Alastair Gray to Are Consumers Myopic
Are Consumers Myopic? Evidence from New and Used Car Purchases (AER... to Bias
Biased Sanctions to Caroline Smith
Carolyn F.M. Williams to Competition and Innovation: an Inverted-U Relationship (QJE 2005)
Competition and the Strategic Choices of Churches (AEJ:MI 2012) to Daniel Ortega
Daniel P. Kessler to Do Exchange Rates Really Help Forecasting Commodity Prices? (Aalbor...
Do Exchange Rates Really Help Forecasting Commodity Prices? (Aalbor... to Early-Life Malaria Exposure and Adult Outcomes: Evidence from Malar...
Early Childhood Intervention and Life-Cycle Skill Development: Evid... to Estimating the Peace Dividend: The Impact of Violence on House Pric...
Estimating the Relationship between Unemployment Compensation and t... to Finite sample inference methods for dynamic energy demand models (J...
Finland to Getting More Work for Nothing
Getting More Work for Nothing? Symbolic Awards and Worker Performan... to Heckman sample selection
Heckman selection model to Immigration
Immigration, Offshoring, and American Jobs (AER 2013) to Issues With Replicating Results in Sports Economics (J Sports Econ ...
Itai Ater to Jing Li
Jing Zhang to K30
K31 to Laura Angelescu McVey
Laura Blow to Mara Faccio
Mara Lederman to Measuring financial asset return and volatility spillovers, with ap...
Measuring forecast uncertainty by disagreement: The missing link (J... to Multivariate GARCH models: a survey (JAE 2006)
Multivariate logit to O23
O24 to Paul Pecorino
Paul Pezanis-Christou to Prudence Ive
Prussia to Regina T. Riphahn
Regional Effects of Trade Reform: What Is the Correct Measure of Li... to Rudolf Kerschbamer
Rudolf Winter-Ebmer to Slideshow widget test
Slovakia to Sudden Stops and Phoenix Miracles in Emerging Markets (AER 2006)
Sudden stop to The Effects of High Stakes High School Achievement Awards: Evidence...
The Effects of Housing Assistance and Labour Supply: Evidence from ... to The transmission mechanism in a changing world (JAE 2007)
The transmission of US shocks to Latin America (JAE 2005) to Unconditional quantile
Unconventional Fiscal Policy at the Zero Bound (AER 2013) to White-Collar Crime Writ Small: A Case Study of Bagels, Donuts, and ...
White-collar productivity to “Overeducation” in the labor market (JLE 1991)
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