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Replication in Economics

For scientific progress, it is pivotal to control research findings by independently reproducing results, thus making the findings more reliable. However, in econometric research, this is rarely done and is not yet common practice. By teaching replication to students, we plan to replicate a large number of studies. This process will raise awareness of the need for replications, provide a basis for research about the reasons why replications so often fail and how this can be changed, and educate future generations of economists about how to make research replicable. We invite every economist to join us.

Replication in Economics

Terms of Service

The ReplicationWiki is a place of objective and scientific discourse. Every user agrees to only write under his real name. Please assume good faith with other users. We will not accept any kind of Academic dishonesty and personal attacks to other users. (The above external links refer to wikipedia which serves as a reference as long as no special guidelines are introduced for the ReplicationWiki.)
Replication results should only be entered here if they are replicable: There should be a published source, e.g., a journal article, a working paper, a blog post of an academic institution that provides information on who did the replication. Anonymous blog posts are not published sources. If you can provide information here on the discussion page it is also welcome. Every conflict of interest is to highlight. For example, if you provide information on the replicability of a study please reveal on the related discussion page if you are a connected to the original authors (co-authorship for other studies, colleagues at same faculty, PhD supervision...) or financial interests like funding from or consulting work for a party that may be relevant. Users who violate these terms of service will be warned. In cases of obvious and persistent vandalism or if problems persist after warnings, a user may be blocked. For more information please read the Privacy policy and the general disclaimer.

Why do I have to request an account?

To prevent spam and to enhance the quality of discussion it is important that everyone register with his real name and a valid institutional email address. Moreover, the ReplicationWiki is not a place for anonymous personal attacks.

I do not have a valid institutional email address

In this case, please provide additional information such as your position, your institution, a person who can confirm your identity or a website that lists you in the box at the bottom of the request form to help us to identify you.

Can I request an account as a student?

To enhance the quality of the ReplicationWiki only professionals and graduate students are allowed to enter new replications and to edit pages. Undergraduate students can make comments on dicussion pages.


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Prof. Dr. Thomas Kneib

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