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  1. Search if the article already exists in the wiki by browsing by journal or using the search tool.
  2. If the article exists please enter missing information or discuss entries on the discussion page.
  3. If the original article does not exist it is easiest to create a new page by using the forms linked on the bottom right of the main page. Then everything is done automatically, including the setting of the categories. All you have to do by hand is check if there already was a category for the journal issue. If not the new page will show a red link for it that you should use. You can continue with point 9.
    You can also create a new article by entering the title in the search field following our naming convention:
    Title of article (Acronym of journal Year of publication),
    e.g., Learning-by-Doing as a Propagation Mechanism (AER 2002)
  4. Click on "create the page". As a result, you will get a new page in editing mode.
  5. To standardize and simplify the data collection you should choose and load the boilerplate "article".
  6. Fill in the information on the right hand side of the equality sign. Please leave the table headings unchanged.
  7. As this study needs a replication, it belongs to the category [[Category:Article_lacking_replication]]. Enter the code for the category at the bottom of the edit window.
  8. Add the category of the issue in which the article is published. The format convention is: Acronym of journal Year of Publication (Issue), e.g.,[[Category:AER 2002 (5)]].
  9. If the journal or the category are not yet listed in the wiki please refer to Help:New Journal and Help:Category to learn how to create it.
  10. Finally, check the page by clicking on the Show preview button below the edit window and don't forget to save the page.
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