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Help pages are located in the namespace replication, together with the Community Portal and Current Events. Namespaces are parts of the wiki for which all articles start with a word and then a colon. The help pages are all named like this one:

They are all in the Category:Help so that they can easily be found with the button under navigation on the left of each page. In order to get the right order for them in the category page we specify that they are sorted by what comes after Help/. This is done like in this example: [[Category:Help|Account]]. If we just wrote [[Category:Help]] without the sortkey they would all appear under H, since their names in the namespace now all start with Help.

We left redirects from the original pages like

to make them searchable in the advanced search under the namespace Help. If you set up a new help page, please also set a redirect to it under [[Help:Newpagename]] and use the [[Category:Help|newpagename]]. A redirect is set like in the example: #REDIRECT [[ReplicationWiki:Help/Account]]. To get this code you can just click on "What links here" at every existing help page and then choose a page that is marked (redirect page).

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