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Finished tasks

Technical issues

  1. Remove public domain design from Help pages by moving them to namespace replication:help/ while still making them searchable under namespace Help with redirects, link to Category Help under navigation, delete link to Help from main page
  2. Fix the broken logo for Semantic MediaWiki at the bottom right of each page
  3. Fix the error with recent changes
  4. ConfirmAccount-Extension
  5. Rename the title of this wiki from "Replication" to "ReplicationWiki", as visible on printouts --ReplicationBot (talk) 18:08, 31 October 2013 (CET)
  6. Remove templates from what is displayed in categories: [[Template:NewReplication2]] from Category:Replication and [[Template:New Replication]] from Category:Replication--JH (talk) 16:40, 1 November 2013 (CET)
  7. Set user rights such that only users who confirmed their email from an institution related to science can log in, students can only edit discussion pages, administrators can (un-)block pages and users, assign editing rights, edit blocked pages and delete revisions, bureaucrats can assign rights for bots and administrators and change user names. see Special:ListGroupRights --ReplicationBot (talk) 10:35, 4 November 2013 (CET)
  8. Introduce user ranking for relevance of replications with a link to the ranking page on every page within the category:Study lacking replication. Template:Rating is used for that; added to all articles in that category --ReplicationBot (talk) 15:57, 4 November 2013 (CET)
  9. remove all pages with the relevance ranking from Category:Pages needing attention (it had been included in the vote template accidentally, seems like all those pages need to be activated once now) --ReplicationBot(talk), 4 November 2013 (CET)
  10. automatically identify all articles with more than one replication/replications referring to more than one original study and use a template indicating traffic light needs to be set manually there, add traffic lights to all replications, (missing here for example).
  11. Check why the bot went wrong with the traffic light for this page: [1] and fix the bug
  12. Fix the codebooks for articles and replications that show errors for some fields
  13. Fix the bug that the bot automatically categorizes studies that are both replications and replicated studies as replications of more than one study and studies with more than one replication like in this case
  14. drop down help for templates that give easier access to codebook help click
  15. touch all articles lacking replication, replications, and replicated studies in order to activate updated templates. -- adjusted job queue, should update at least once a day without touching
  16. Fix bug with Form:New Study lacking replication and Form:New Replicated Study
  17. Test UserRights [only users who confirmed their email from an institution related to science can log in, students can only edit discussion pages, administrators can (un-)block pages and users, assign editing rights, edit blocked pages and delete revisions, bureaucrats can assign rights for bots and administrators and change user names.]-> Student not working, the other groups are working, change right to vote only to edu, change email address account confirmations are sent from (Manual:$wgPasswordSender), and share access information with Björn and Elaine set rights such that accounts can be confirmed - Björn with help from Jan F.
  18. Change text on Special:RequestAccount and introduce ReplicationWiki:Terms of Service. (Information what information is necessary for registration: real name, University/institution, position). What happens if email already used? What if user name already used? change on - Björn with help from Jan F.
  19. After submission form is introduced, link and explain the submission form for adding information about new empirical studies or replications for users without knowledge of wiki language
  20. Change slideshow sequence from random to forward
  21. number slides
  22. change links on main page to forms for new studies such that they don't produce pop-ups
  23. allow to leave out values for drop down menus and other fields in forms, mark mandatory fields (title/ journal/author/year for study itself and for replications and replicated studies also for studies they are related to). In case issue is left out fix the bug that a category with an empty issue is created.
  24. Improve the layout: background picture? Logo, icon
  25. change category, form and template "Article lacking replication" to "Study lacking replication"
  26. fix bug that search form only finds studies that have values in all fields of the search form
  27. make all pages in categories Replication, Replicated study, and Study lacking replication editable with forms
  28. check if information was lost due to transformation to form code
  29. change value for $smwgQMaxSize (cf. [2]) such that long queries in search forms work, allow to make lists of up to 5000 pages by changing value of $smwgQMaxInlineLimit
  30. hide the title "main page" from the main page with
  31. show number of studies lacking replication (2,274) and replications (418) on main page with {{PAGESINCAT:Study lacking replication}} and {{#expr:{{PAGESINCAT:Replication}}+{{PAGESINCAT:Replication of more than one study}}-1}})
  32. Fix bug that value for article readme cannot be set to 2 for "available elsewhere" (than journal archive) when using forms for new study lacking replication, new replication or new replicated study(seems to have disappeared, maybe keep an eye on it)
  33. replace number codes in database with text for better usability (for replication number codes Property:Replication type, Property:Replication result, Property:Replication raw data, Property:Replication call into question, Property:Replication authors statement, and replication material availability Property:Article readme‎, Property:Article data, Property:Article program code, pages that do not yet use forms needed extra treatment)
  34. use a tree structure for Category:Article JEL codes like for Category:Journal
  35. use Special page ReplaceText to harmonize spellings, e.g. of methods used (search form is case sensitive, so Matlab, matlab should be MATLAB, stata, STATA should be Stata...
  36. start Category:Geographical origin of data‎, and Category:Article data used

Content issues

  1. Start section In the literature
  2. Improve section "ReplicationWiki:Current events" under navigation on the left of all pages (explain that it archives news section on the main page). JH (talk) 18:32, 31 October 2013 (CET)
  3. Explain how to create an article for a new replicated study (or how to change an Study lacking replication into a replicated study) Elaine/Matthias
  4. Make it easier to find the help pages from everywhere in the wiki (link under navigation), create an overview for the help pages, get the crossed out c for public domain from the help pages.
  5. Introduce a template for articles needing work.--JH (talk) 17:47, 1 November 2013 (CET)
  6. Improve the help pages, e.g., Help:New Journal, Help:Discussion Pages, Help:Search, Help:Category, Help:Links, Help:Redirects
  7. Category:AEJ:EP 2012 (4)-Category:AEJ:EP 2013 (1) José
  8. Set traffic lights manually for Category:Pages for which a traffic light needs to be set manually
  9. connect ReplicationWiki:Bureaucrats, ReplicationWiki:Autoconfirmed_users... Help:Group_rights (linked at Special:ListGroupRights) with existing ReplicationWiki:Help/User_rights and mention this at ReplicationWiki:Help/Account
  10. Test if user rights work as planned, esp. if protected pages with legal relevance (disclaimer, privacy policy) can really not be edited by normal users and if this is explained sufficiently. Matthias/Björn/Elaine
  11. Category:AEJ:EP 2013 (2)-Category:AEJ:EP 2013 (3) incomplete - Elaine
  12. Introduce netiquette rules (for some wikipedia will be useful as a reference, e.g.: assume good faith, No personal attacks, Conflict of interest). There will be replication specific rules, for example, replication results should only be entered here if they are replicable.
  13. new Category:Papers and Proceedings: add all relevant journal issues to them as well as the articles
  14. RePEc links added for all studies in AER, AEJs, JPE and replications/replicated studies
  15. replace FE, IV, and OLS by Fixed effects (FE), Instrumental variable (IV), and Ordinary least squares (OLS) in Category:Article methods and estimation and in all fields where they appear as method
  16. Integrate the missing JEL codes into Category:Article JEL codes when done announce it at Stata list
  17. AER 2009 (5) and AER 2010 (3) incomplete; for which issues of these years is the information about data availability missing?
  18. Write Help about user rights, see above at technical issues, set up an administrators' Notice board and a page to request adminship, see wikipedia; explain how to register/create an account cf. ReplicationWiki:Help/Account (naming convention initial.lastname) Björn
  19. create subcategories of Category:Article JEL codes for each letter and each first number after the letter and those studies for which a code with just one number after the letter was assigned need to be categorized, then sort existing pages with letter and up to two numbers into subcategories
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