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New stuff

  1. Template:Rating for the rating bar
  2. Template:TrafficLights for the lights - uses parameters (first for rep. result, second for raw data)
  3. Form:New Replication, Form:New Replicated Study, Form:New Study lacking replication (PLEASE DO NOT LINK THEM DIRECTLY (although it works :) - use or copy the button code from the Main Page and Templates for them
  4. slideshow, improved layout and logo on the Main Page
  5. favicon
  6. All pages in categories Replication, Replicated study and Study lacking replication editable with forms
  7. Fields for keywords both for original study and replication
  8. Fields for links to DOIs, IDEAS and EconPapers (IDEAS/RePEc now links back)
  9. Lists of authors (and Nobel laureates, John Bates Clark Medalists, Winners of the Yrjö Jahnsson Award, Fellows of the Econometric Society, Distinguished Fellows of the American Economic Association, and Fellows of the European Economic Association), JEL codes, methods, software packages, keywords and data types started that link to lists of studies they authored and in which they appear, respectively
  10. In the news under navigation
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