Rent-Seeking in Elite Networks (JPE 2018)

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Authors Title Journal Year Edition Pages JEL Codes Keywords
Vikrant Vig, David Schoenherr, Rainer F. Haselmann Rent-Seeking in Elite Networks JPE 2018 4 1638-90 F34, F37, G21, G28, G33, K39 -

Article information

Program code Data Readme Method(s) & estimation Data type Data used Origin of data used Software used (Version)
- - - Fixed effects (FE), Clustering, Kernel density - corporate CEOs, directors of bank branches and mayors in 429 branches of a service club organization 1993-2015, MiMiK credit register at, Deutsche Bundesbank, that records loans of one million euro or more, Deutsche Bundesbank’s, Corporate balance sheets (Ustan), 1993-2013, Names of CEOs of limited liability and public firms federal from German corporate register (elektronischer Bundesanzeiger) Germany -

Replication of this study

Authors Title Journal Year Edition Pages JEL Codes Keywords Replication type Replication result [refer to replication type 1 and 2] Raw data Call into question Authors statement


DOI: 10.1086/697742 IDEAS: a/ucp/jpolec/doi10.1086-697742.html EconPapers: RePEc:ucp:jpolec:doi:10.1086/697742

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