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"Efficiency Effects of Taxes on Income from Capital" in "In Effects of Corporation Income Tax", edited by M. Krzyzaniak (Wayne State Univ. Press 1966) +John B. Shoven


(Im)Possible Frontiers: A Comment (Critical Finance Review 2015) +Thomas J. Brennan, Andrew W. Lo


A Balls-and-Bins Model of Trade (AER 2014) +Bernardo S. Blum, Sebastian Claro, Ignatius J. Horstmann
A Balls-and-Bins Model of Trade: Comment (AER 2016) +Roc Armenter, Miklós Koren
A Comment on "Inherited Trust and Growth" (EB 2012) +Yann Algan, Pierre Cahuc
A Comment on Ali Taşıran's ‘Wage and income effects on the timing and spacing of births in Sweden and in the United States’ (JPopE 2002) +Ali C. Taşıran
A Contribution to the Empirics of Economic Growth (QJE 1992) +Simon Johnson, William Larson, Chris Papageorgiou,
A Dynamic Econometric Model of Agricultural Wage Determination in Bangladesh (Oxford Bulletin of Economics & Statistics 1991) +A R Khan
A Longitudinal Analysis of White Women's Wages (JHR 1983) +Jacob Mincer, Haim Ofek
A Multiple Values Model of Political Tolerance (Political Research Quarterly 2001) +Arthur Miller, Tor Wynn, Phil Ullrich,
A New Model of Trend Inflation (J Business & Econ Statistics 2013) +Nima Nonejad
A Panel Data Approach For Program Evaluation: Measuring The Benefits Of Political And Economic Integration Of Hong Kong With Mainland China (JAE 2012) +Javier Gardeazabal, Ainhoa Vega-Bayo
A Re-Evaluation of the Economic Consequences of Divorce (American Sociological Review 1996) +Lenore J. Weitzman
A Reexamination of Corporate Governance and Equity Prices (RFS 2009) +Paul Gompers, Joy Ishii, Andrew Metrick
A Reexamination of Institutions and Individuals at the Turn of the Year (QJBE 2000) +Richard W. Sias, Laura T. Starks
A Reexamination of the Strategic Bequest Motive (JPE 1998) +B. Douglas Bernheim, Andrei Shleifer, Lawrence H. Summers
A Replication Study of “Openness, Country Size, and Government Size” (Journal of Public Economics 2009) (PFR forthcoming) +Rati Ram
A Replication Study of “Why Do Cities Hoard Cash?” (The Accounting Review 2009) (PFR 2016) +Angela K. Gore
A Replication of "Economic Development and the Impacts of Natural Disasters" (ECONOMICS LETTERS, 2007) (PFR 2015) +Hideki Toya, Mark Skidmore
A Replication of Four Quasi-Experiments and Three Facts from ‘The Effect of File Sharing on Record Sales: An Empirical Analysis’ (Journal of Political Economy, 2007) (Economics e-journal 2016) +Felix Oberholzer-Gee, Koleman Strumpf
A Replication of ‘‘Corruption and Elections: An Empirical Study for a Cross-section of Countries’’ (Economics and Politics 2009) (PFR 2015) +Stefan Krause, Fabio Méndez
A Replication of ‘‘Coveting Thy Neighbor’s Manufacturing: The Dilemma of State Income Apportionment’’ (Journal of Public Economics, 2000) (PFR 2015) +Austan Goolsbee, Edward L. Maydew
A Replication of ‘‘Millionaire Migration and State Taxation of Top Incomes: Evidence from a Natural Experiment’’ (National Tax Journal 2011) (PFR 2015) +Cristobal Young, Charles Varner
A Replication of ‘‘Political Influence behind the Veil of Peer Review’’ (Journal of Law and Economics 2009) (PFR 2016) +Deepak Hegde
A Replication of “Agency Problems of Excess Endowment Holdings in Not-for-profit Firms” (Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2006) (PFR forthcoming) +John E. Core, Wayne R. Guay, Rodrigo S. Verdi
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