Political Advertising and Election Results (QJE 2018)

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Authors Title Journal Year Edition Pages JEL Codes Keywords
Jörg L Spenkuch, David Toniatti Political Advertising and Election Results QJE 2018 4 1981–2036 P16, D72, M37 Advertising, Elections, Voting, Turnout, Persuasion

Article information

Program code Data Readme Method(s) & estimation Data type Data used Origin of data used Software used (Version)
1 - accessible on journal website 0 - not available online 1 - accessible on journal website Regression discontinuity design (RDD) - proprietary data on election coverage by local newspapers from, Factiva, https://global.factiva.com/, television advertisement broadcasts and viewership patterns during 2004–12 presidential campaigns, slant of US newspapers from Gentzkow and Shapiro (2010), https://doi.org/10.3886/ICPSR26242.v1, Advertising spot data from 2004 and 2008 from, Wisconsin Advertising Project, https://elections.wisc.edu/wisconsin-advertising-project/, advertising spot data for 2012 from, Wesleyan Media Project, http://mediaproject.wesleyan.edu/dataaccess/, content of local news broadcasts from, Access World News, NewsBank, Inc., http://www.newsbank.com/, Nielsen's AdIntel data and DMA definitions from, Kilts Center for Marketing at Chicago Booth, https://research.chicagobooth.edu/nielsen/, Presidential Candidate Visits for the 2004 and 2008 elections from Daron Shaw, voter registration lists purchased from, Emerges, http://www.emerges.com, data on newspaper circulation by county from, Alliance for Audited Media's Newspaper Geo/Circ Reports, https://auditedmedia.com/, data on real estate values from CoreLogic, https://www.corelogic.com/, map material / look-up data used for geocoding addresses from, SAS Institute, Inc., http://sas.com/mapsonline USA Stata, 14.1 MP, SAS, 9.4, ArcGIS, 10.3, Python, 2.7

Replication of this study

Authors Title Journal Year Edition Pages JEL Codes Keywords Replication type Replication result [refer to replication type 1 and 2] Raw data Call into question Authors statement


DOI: 10.1093/qje/qjy010 IDEAS: a/oup/qjecon/v133y2018i4p1981-2036..html EconPapers: RePEc:oup:qjecon:v:133:y:2018:i:4:p:1981-2036.

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