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Below are the studies lacking replication with data type Panel.

Below are the replicated studies with data type Panel.

Below are the replications with data type Panel.

Studies with the keyword Panel:

studies lacking replication:

replicated studies:


  • Tino Berger, Gerdie Everaert. A replication note on unemployment in the OECD since the 1960s: what do we know? (Emp Econ 2009).
    JEL codes: -. Methods: country-specific Engle–Granger (EG) cointegration test, country-specific Phillips–Perron (PP), dynamic ordinary least squares (DOLS), Monte Carlo, fully modified OLS (FMOLS), Bootstrap, country-specific, (developed by Maddala and Wu (1999)), Dickey-Fuller test, Generalized least squares (GLS) Software: Stata
    Data unavailable; Readme availability unknown; Code unavailable
    Replication: Stephen Nickell, Luca Nunziata, Wolfgang Ochel. EJ 2005.
    JEL codes: -. Keywords: Unemployment, labor supply, economic indicators, labor market
    Data: Available (mostly). Type: reproduction (new methods). Result: partially successful. Call into question: partly. Replication authors statement: -.

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