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Below are the studies lacking replication with JEL code O10 - General.

Below are the replicated studies with JEL code O10 - General.

  • Daron Acemoglu, Suresh Naidu, Pascual Restrepo, James A. Robinson. Democracy Does Cause Growth (JPE 2019).
    JEL codes: O10, P16. Methods: Instrumental variable (IV), Bootstrap, Clustering, Propensity score matching Software: -
    Data availability unknown; Readme availability unknown; Code availability unknown
    Replication: Markus Eberhardt. CEPR Discussion Papers 2019.
    JEL codes: O10, P16. Keywords: Political development, Spillovers, Democracy, Difference-in-difference estimator, Growth, Interactive fixed effects
    Data: Available. Type: reproduction (new methods). Result: different results. Call into question: yes. Replication authors statement: used new data/method and corrected error.

Below are the replications with JEL code O10 - General.


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