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Studies published by Martin Ravallion.

Studies lacking replication:

Replicated studies:

  • Jyotsna Jalan, Martin Ravallion. Does piped water reduce diarrhea for children in rural India? (J Econometrics 2003).
    JEL codes: H54, I12. Methods: - Software: -
    Data availability unknown; Readme availability unknown; Code availability unknown
    Replication: Victoria Yue-May Fan, Ajay Mahal. J Dev Eff 2011.
    JEL codes: H54, I12. Keywords: Diarrhoea, Hand-washing, Water, Sanitation and hygiene, Infrastructure, Environmental health, India
    Data: -. Type: -. Result: -. Call into question: -. Replication authors statement: -.
  • Kaushik Basu, Ambar Narayan, Martin Ravallion. Is Literacy Shared within Households? Theory and Evidence from Bangladesh (LE 2001).
    JEL codes: J24, J31, D10. Methods: MLE version of, Heckman selection model, with standard errors corrected for heteroskedasticity, Clustering, with dummy variables, Ordinary least squares (OLS) Software: Stata, 6
    Data unavailable; Readme availability unknown; Code unavailable
    Replication: Vegard Iversena, Richard Palmer-Jones. JDS 2008.
    JEL codes: -. Keywords: -
    Data: Insufficient. Type: wide sense (new data). Result: successful. Call into question: partly. Replication authors statement: authors support replication.



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