Influencing Connected Legislators (JPE 2018)

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Authors Title Journal Year Edition Pages JEL Codes Keywords
Marco Battaglini, Eleonora Patacchini Influencing Connected Legislators JPE 2018 6 2277-322 D72, D78 -

Article information

Program code Data Readme Method(s) & estimation Data type Data used Origin of data used Software used (Version)
- - - Maximum likelihood (ML), Ordinary least squares (OLS), Akaike information criterion (AIC), Bootstrap - congressional committee assignments published by Clerk’s Office of House of Representatives, 109th Congress (election cycle 2004) to 113th Congress (election cycle 2012), information on universities attended by congressmen using Biographical Directory of the United States Congress,, politicians’ gender and party affiliation from, GovTrack, information on committee appointments, seniority and chairmanship from Charles Stewart and Jonathon Woon’s website, page.html#2, does not contain information for 113th Congress, House of Representative committee roster for 113th Congress from,, one-year estimates of per capita income by congressional district from, American Community Survey (ACS), for each congressman, electoral competition measured by margin of victory, derived from FEC’s Federal Elections publications, supplemented with information from individual state agencies for special elections, ideologies of congressmen measured using first dimension of dw-nominate score (McCarty et al. 1997),, campaign contributions data from Federal Election Commission (FEC) files collected and aggregated by, Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) USA -

Replication of this study

Authors Title Journal Year Edition Pages JEL Codes Keywords Replication type Replication result [refer to replication type 1 and 2] Raw data Call into question Authors statement


DOI: 10.1086/700074 IDEAS: a/ucp/jpolec/doi10.1086-700074.html EconPapers: RePEc:ucp:jpolec:doi:10.1086/700074

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