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Where to search in the wiki:

  • You can browse by journal if you open the Category:Journal that is linked at the bottom of the main page.
  • Furthermore, there is a special page to view all pages alphabetically.
  • For full text search you can use the search tool at the top right of each page:
  • You can use the Semantic MediaWiki properties for combined searches. You find help for this at this page. In this example we search for all replications that use instrumental variables (IV) and display the availability of data and code, the JEL codes and keywords, the methods and software that were used as well as the data and its geographical origin, the type and result of the replication, whether raw data of the original study was available to the replicators, whether the replication calls the original results into question and if there is information about a reply to the replication.

Details about full text search

You can search for the name of the study or any other information. Searching by JEL-codes works relatively well since the letter and number combinations rarely occur at other places. You can also search for information in particular standard fields if you type its name and the term you are looking for in quotation marks, e.g., "raw data 3". But it only works if what you search for is directly entered at the start of the field. You do not always need that, try: regression discontinuity design stata "data 1" "program code 1" and you will find studies that use a regression disconinutity design with the software Stata and code and data are available.

If you click on the Go button, you will be directed directly towards the existing page with the full search phrase. In case it does not exist, it leads to full text search results. The Search button does full text search only. If the article you search for does not exist, you can start a new one, cf. Help:New Article.

Search options

The search page offers various methods for specified search. Either you directly choose the type of result you want to get such as content pages, Multimedia, Help and project pages and Everything or go to Advanced search. There you have more options for filtering your search results.

Helpful facts for searching

Task Solution
case-insensitive the search engine does not distinguish between upper and lower cases (the semantic search does)
wildcard use asterisks to search for several words with the same first characters e.g., economic* for economic and economics
suggestions you will get suggestions of pages with titles which fit to what you are entering
phrase use double quotations marks to search for a "fixed phrase"
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