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Discussion pages are where users can discuss the content of existing pages. For example, one could list the status of replication attempts on an article's discussion page.

How to find discussion pages

Pagebar.png For discussions about certain pages, you can find the related discussion page via clicking on the "Discussion" tab on top of the page content frame. A red link indicates that no discussion has started yet. You can get notifications for changes on the discussion page. To do so, you have to activate the watch option of that page. The watch button is located on the drop-down-menu in the displayed bar.

How to add a topic

Go to the top of the discussion page and click on "Add topic" (on the right set of tabs) and enter a suitable name for your topic.

How to respond to a discussion already in progress

Please add your comment below the last entry in the discussion. If you want to respond to a specific comment, you can place your response directly below.

You can indent it by using a colon (or multiple) at the beginning of the line to improve readability.

How to sign your contributions

You should sign and date your contributions on all talk pages. To do this, type four tildes (~~~~) at the end of your comment, or just click the signature button Signature and timestamp button.PNG on the row of buttons above the edit box.

User talk pages

Each user also has a personal page for discussion. You can access it your own tak page with the Talk button on the top right, next to your user name.

New messages

You will be notified when someone else edits your user talk page. The alert Newmessage.png displays automatically until you view your user talk page. If you click "new messages" it will direct you to the bottom of your talk page. If you click "last change" it will show you the last edit done to your talk page.

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