Hausman test

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Below are the studies lacking replication with method Hausman test.

Below are the replicated studies with method Hausman test.

Below are the replications with method Hausman test.

  • Theresa Grafeneder-Weissteiner. Narrow Replication of Abrevaya (2006) (JAE 2009).
    JEL codes: -. Methods: Ordinary least squares (OLS), dfbeta, Hausman test, Hausman-Taylor specifications, dfit, Ramsey Regression Equation Specification Error Test (RESET) Software: EViews, 6
    Data availability unknown; Readme availability unknown; Code unavailable
    Replicated study: Jason Abrevaya. JAE 2006.
    JEL codes: -. Keywords: -
    Data: -. Type: narrow sense. Result: successful. Call into question: no. Replication authors statement: -.

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