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Below are the studies lacking replication with JEL code H62 - Deficit • Surplus.

Below are the replicated studies with JEL code H62 - Deficit • Surplus.

  • Alan J. Auerbach, Yuriy Gorodnichenko. Measuring the Output Responses to Fiscal Policy (AEJ:EP 2012).
    JEL codes: C32, E62, H20, H62, H63. Methods: - Software: MATLAB
    Data available; Readme availability unknown; Code available
    Replication: Andrew C. Chang, Phillip Li. FEDS 2015.
    JEL codes: B41, C80, C82, C87, C88, E01. Keywords: Data and Code Archives, Gross Domestic Product, GDP, Journals, Macroeconomics, National Income and Product Accounts, Publication, Research, Replication
    Data: -. Type: narrow sense. Result: successful. Call into question: no. Replication authors statement: -.

Below are the replications with JEL code H62 - Deficit • Surplus.


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