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Studies published by Emily Oster.

Studies lacking replication:

Replicated studies:

  • Emily Oster. Hepatitis B and the Case of the Missing Women (JPE 2005).
    JEL codes: D1, I1, J11, J13, J71. Methods: Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) Software: Stata
    Data available; Readme availability unknown; Code available
    Replication: Emily Oster, Gang Chen, Xinsen Yu, Wenyao Lin, Amar Hamoudi, Ming-Jen Lin, Ming-Ching Luoh, Monica Das Gupta. EL, EDCC, AER, PDR 2010, 2008, 2006.
    JEL codes: J13, J16, I12. Keywords: Hepatitis B, China, Missing women
    Data: -. Type: new methods & data. Result: -. Call into question: yes. Replication authors statement: -.
  • Robert Jensen, Emily Oster. The Power of TV: Cable Television and Women's Status in India (QJE 2009).
    JEL codes: N35, O15, I25 - Education and Economic Development. Methods: Ordinary least squares (OLS), Fixed effects (FE) Software: Stata
    Data unavailable; Readme availability unknown; Code unavailable
    Replication: Vegard Iversen, Richard Palmer-Jones. 3ie 2014.
    JEL codes: N35, 015, I25. Keywords: Cable TV, India, Domestic violence, Women's autonomy, Fertility, Education, Panel data
    Data: -. Type: reproduction (new methods). Result: failed (different results). Call into question: yes. Replication authors statement: accepted results.


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