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Studies published by David H. Romer (alternate spellings: David Romer).

Studies lacking replication:

Replicated studies:

  • N. Gregory Mankiw, David N. Weil, David Romer. A Contribution to the Empirics of Economic Growth (QJE 1992).
    JEL codes: -. Methods: - Software: -
    Data availability unknown; Readme availability unknown; Code availability unknown
    Replication: Simon Johnson, William Larson, Chris Papageorgiou, Arvind Subramanian. JME 2013.
    JEL codes: O11, O40, O47. Keywords: Purchasing power parity, Penn World Table, Methodology, Growth, GDP estimates, Cross-country data
    Data: -. Type: -. Result: -. Call into question: -. Replication authors statement: -.
  • David Romer. Openness and Inflation: Theory and Evidence (QJE 1993).
    JEL codes: . Methods: cross-country regression Software:
    Data available (other site); Readme availability unknown; Code unavailable
    Replication: Jonathan Temple, Cristina T. Terra. EL, JMCB, QJE 1998, 2002.
    JEL codes: E58. Keywords:
    Data: Available (mostly). Type: -. Result: partially successful. Call into question: partly. Replication authors statement: -.



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