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These guidelines are preliminary and subject to discussion.


When and where should information be revealed?

For example, if you provide information on the replicability of a study please reveal on the related discussion page if you are a connected to the original authors (co-authorship for other studies, colleagues at same faculty, PhD supervision...) or financial interests like funding from or consulting work for a party that may be relevant. Of course authors of discussed studies are welcome to join the discussion but please leave a note on the discussion page if you changed information that relates to yourself. Please refrain from asking others to change or add information that relates to you. Likewise, please do not edit the wiki on behalf of others.

Financial support

Every significant financial support from a interested third party related to the information added or changed is to highlight. An interested party is any firm, organization and group that has a financial, ideological, or political stake related to the article. Significant financial support is summing to at least $10,000 in the past three years in the form of consultant fees, retainers, grants and the like and also includes in kind support, such as providing access to data.

Membership and consulting

Any paid or unpaid position or membership in a relevant institution is to highlight on the discussion page.

Relationship to the authors

Please reveal any relationship to the author of the original article like co-authorship, PhD supervision or colleagues at the same institution.

External sources

Parts of these guidelines are based on the Conflict of Interest rules of the American Economic Association. Further relevant information might be found for example at the website of the Committee on Publication Ethis (COPE).

General information about Conflict of interest

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