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Authors Title Journal Year Edition Pages JEL Codes Keywords
Eduardo Ley, Mark F. J. Steel Comments on ‘Jointness of growth determinants’ JAE 2009 2 248–251 - -

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- - - - - no empirical results - no data and code - -

Replication of this study

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DOI: 10.1002/jae.1049 IDEAS: a/jae/japmet/v24y2009i2p248-251.html EconPapers: RePEc:jae:japmet:v:24:y:2009:i:2:p:248-251

Reply: "Jointness of growth determinants: Reply to comments by Rodney Strachan, Eduardo Ley and Mark F.J. Steel," Gernot Doppelhofer & Melvyn Weeks, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2009, 24(2), 252-6. EconPapers: [RePEc:jae:japmet:v:24:y:2009:i:2:p:252-256 RePEc:jae:japmet:v:24:y:2009:i:2:p:252-256] IDEAS/RePEc: a/jae/japmet/v24y2009i2p252-256.html DOI: 10.1002/jae.1047

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