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ReEPc bibliography: [1]

Below are the studies lacking replication with method Bootstrap.

Below are the replicated studies with method Bootstrap.

Below are the replications with method Bootstrap.

  • Tino Berger, Gerdie Everaert. A replication note on unemployment in the OECD since the 1960s: what do we know? (Emp Econ 2009).
    JEL codes: -. Methods: country-specific Engle–Granger (EG) cointegration test, country-specific Phillips–Perron (PP), dynamic ordinary least squares (DOLS), Monte Carlo, fully modified OLS (FMOLS), Bootstrap, country-specific, (developed by Maddala and Wu (1999)), Dickey-Fuller test, Generalized least squares (GLS) Software: Stata
    Data unavailable; Readme availability unknown; Code unavailable
    Replicated study: Stephen Nickell, Luca Nunziata, Wolfgang Ochel. EJ 2005.
    JEL codes: -. Keywords: Unemployment, labor supply, economic indicators, labor market
    Data: Available (mostly). Type: reproduction (new methods). Result: partially successful. Call into question: partly. Replication authors statement: -.
  • Meena Seshamani, Alastair Gray. Ageing and health-care expenditure: the red herring argument revisited (Health Econ 2004).
    JEL codes: -. Methods: Bootstrap, Heckman selection model, Probit Software: -
    Data availability unknown; Readme availability unknown; Code availability unknown
    Replicated study: Peter Zweifel, Stefan Felder, Markus Meiers. Health Econ 1999.
    JEL codes: -. Keywords: Population ageing, Aggregate health care expenditure, Cost of dying
    Data: -. Type: reproduction (new methods). Result: failed (different results). Call into question: yes. Replication authors statement: -.
  • Alexander L. Lundberg, Kim P. Huynh, David T. Jacho-Chávez. Income and Democracy: A Smooth Varying Coefficient Redux (JAE 2017).
    JEL codes: -. Methods: Fixed effects (FE), Quadratic spectral (QS) kernel, Instrumental variable (IV), Bootstrap Software: R, 3.0.2
    Data available; Readme availability unknown; Code available
    Replicated study: Daron Acemoglu, Simon Johnson, James A. Robinson, Pierre Yared. AER 2008.
    JEL codes: D72, O47. Keywords: -
    Data: -. Type: reproduction (new methods). Result: partially successful. Call into question: -. Replication authors statement: -.

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