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This page needs attention because not yet all articles have been integrated that use AMEX data, e.g., those that use it after 2008 (NYSE Amex).

Below are the studies lacking replication with data source American Stock Exchange (AMEX).

Below are the replicated studies with data source American Stock Exchange (AMEX).

  • Edward M. Saunders Jr.. Stock Prices and Wall Street Weather (AER 1993).
    JEL codes: -. Methods: - Software: -
    Data availability unknown; Readme availability unknown; Code availability unknown
    Replication: Walter Krämer, Ralf Runde. Emp Econ 1997.
    JEL codes: C12. Keywords: -
    Data: -. Type: wide sense (new data). Result: different results. Call into question: -. Replication authors statement: -.

Below are the replications with data source American Stock Exchange (AMEX).

Since 2008 included in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Official website of database:

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